Remarks :

  • This can only be done on the web application.

  • Only administrators of the company account can manage users. Users can simply view this list and see who the administrators are to contact them.

Management of users

  1. Access the general settings by clicking at the bottom left of the screen on your profile icon.

  2. In the left menu, select "Users".

To create new ones, click on the "+ User" button and fill in the requested information.

To delete a user, click on the"..." on the right of the user and then on "Delete".

Access rights

Currently, there are three types of access rights:

1/ Administrator 

  • Settings: default packages, company settings, user management

  • Projects: management of all projects in the account (creation and editing)

  • Contacts: full access and editing rights

2/ User 

  • Settings: profile and other users in consultation

  • Projects: full access and editing rights on the projects he creates as well as those on which he is invited in the team members. He sees all projects where he is not invited but only in consultation.

  • Contacts: full access and editing rights

3/ Viewer

  • You can add as many as you like (free account user)

  • Mobile projects/contacts only for consultation, without the right to create or add

To change the information or access rights of an existing user, click on the user's name or on "..." on the right and then "View details".

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