NB :

  • They can only be defined on the Web application and are only applicable for bid requests.

  • Only administrators of the company's account can see and access this section. Bid packages that are defined here will be set as the default ones for the entire company. Non-admin users can only create and modify bid packages within a project but these will not be saved for other projects.

Bid packages are used in several places in Smartbeam:

  1. To identify a company's specialities and search for them more quickly

  2. To link documents with bid packages

  3. To link job items with bid packages

  4. To create bid packages for your project

In 3 steps:

  1. Access the account preferences, by clicking at the bottom of the menu on your profile.

  2. In the preferences menu, go to "Bid management" and then to the submenu "Packages".

  3. In this section, create or modify the default packages

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