Smartbeam allows you to upload your contact and company lists. 

Here is the 3-step procedure:

1. Download the sample files and adapt your own files: go to "Contacts" and then click on "Import" (top right corner). You can then download the example files "Companies" and "Contacts" to be able to adapt your own files with the corresponding columns (see below for their meaning). 

PS : Your own files must contain all its columns, with the same titles and in the same order, even if you do not want to complete each of them. Otherwise, you will get an error message when uploading.

PPS: The Smartbeam directory contains two separate sections, "Contacts" and "Companies". That's why you need to establish two separate files as well. You can, however, link the name of a contact to a company in the "Contacts" file, as one of the columns below allows you to add the name of the company to link with.

2. Save your files in "csv" format: When you have adapted and/or completed your files, save them in csv format. Simply click on "Save as" and choose the "csv" format from the list on the save window. Do this procedure for both files, Contacts and Companies.

3. Now return to Smartbeam, still in "Contacts" and then click on "Upload". You can then drag or upload your "Contacts" and "Companies" files to the corresponding section. To finish, click on the "Upload" button.

Details of the columns :

For companies, here are the columns:

  • companyType: type of company. Must contain only one of the following keywords: SUPPLIER, SPECIALIZED_CONTRACTOR, GENERAL_CONTRACTOR, PRIVATE_CLIENT, PUBLIC_CLIENT, ARCHITECT, ENGINEERING_OFFICE, SAFETY_COORDINATOR. It is not mandatory to complete each of the lines. Once the information is uploaded, you will always be able to edit it.

  • companyTags: activity of the company. They mainly correspond to the bid packages of your projects. This will allow you to do a quick search on this activity when you want to add a company to a bid package. You can indicate several activities in a row, separated by a comma but no spaces. Here nothing is imposed, indicate the activities according to your preferences and they will automatically be saved in your default bid package list.

  • companyName: full name

  • companyVATNumber: without space or point and which must start with BE, FR, LU, ...

  • companyEmail: main email address

  • companyPhone: general phone number

  • companyStreet : address

  • companyStreetNumber: postal number

  • companyPostalCode: postal code

  • companyCity : city

  • companyWebsite : website address

  • companyNote: remarks, general information,...

Here are the columns for contacts: 

  • contactCompanyName: name of the company associated with the contacts. Be careful to indicate the exact name, with upper/lower case, in relation to the import file of the companies for the corresponding one

  • contactFirstName : first name

  • contactLastName : name

  • contactEmail : email

  • contactPhone: landline phone

  • contactMobilePhone: mobile phone

  • contactFunction : function/title

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