First of all, each contact can be linked to a company or not (e.g. private customer) at the time of its creation. If it is, it will also be possible to find it by consulting the file of the company concerned in the directory or during price requests.

In addition to creating them via the directory, Smartbeam allows you to add them in multiple ways to avoid having to leave what you are busy doing. 

6 possibilities :

  1. On Contact level: The easiest way is to go to "Contacts" (top left corner), then click on "+ Contact" or "+ Company" on the right of the table. When adding a contact here, it is possible to link it to an existing company by writing its name in the drop-down menu (or to create it if it does not appear there).

  2. On Contact level: You can find the linked contacts to a company in the company file (select the company name to enter its file). If contacts are missing, you can also add via the "+" on the right.

  3. On Project level: In the list of companies of a bid package (in the bid management tab) you can add bidders. It is also possible to create non-existent ones via the "+ Company" button. The same applies to contacts when inviting their contacts.

  4. On Project level: When creating a new project or editing the information of an existing one, you have the possibility to identify the client (by selecting Contacts or Customer). If it is missing in the directory, you can click on "+ Client" to create a contact and/or the company to which the project is linked.

  5. On Project level: via the "Info" tab of the project, you can select existing participants by clicking on "+ Participant". If necessary, you can create new ones here.

  6. On Project level: In the Bid leveling tool of a bid package you have the possibility on the right to send this same request to additional contacts via the "+". You can select an existing contact from the directory or create a new one.

To edit a contact or company, in the directory, simply tap on its name, a window will appear, allowing you to update their information.

To delete a contact or company, click on the"..." on the right of it and then on "delete". This action is irreversible. If the contact or company is linked to a project, it will still be possible to see it in the project and open its contact form even though it will no longer be visible in the directory.

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