Before inviting companies to bid, it is essential that your requests are ready, including:

  1. The documents to be sent are linked to the concerned bid packages 

  2. The job items are also linked with this bid packages

Then, in the "Bid packages" of the "Bid management" menu, by clicking on a lot, you will first be asked to indicate a deadline for submission and a message :

  • The deadline can be changed later if necessary, even after you have sent your requests for quotation, by editing the lot information. It is for information purposes only, it will be entirely possible for a company to award prizes after this date, as long as you have not selected the winning bid.

  • The message, can be the default message defined at the company level, which can then be modified for each lot as well as for each bid request if necessary.

5 steps to send your bids requests : 

  1. In the "Bid packages" of the "Bid management" menu, click on the relevant bid package and then on the "Companies" tab. 

  2. Then click on "+Companies" in the upper right corner

  3. Search for the companies to be added, either by name or by the name of the concerned bid package. When they are all selected, click on next (the number of selected companies is indicated in brackets)

  4. Now you will find the list of contacts for each selected company as well as the general email address if it exists. Choose one or more contacts who can receive the price request for each of them. If no contact is selected, the general email address will be used (if it exists).

  5. After clicking on "Next", each company is added to the list of companies in the bid package but with the status "Invitation not sent". You can either invite them all in one click by selecting them via the checkbox on the left and then by clicking on "Invite" on the right of the table; or one by one basis, via the"..." on the line of each company.

PS: At both stages, selection of companies and contacts, it is possible to add missing ones. These will automatically be saved in your directory for future requests.

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