Smartbeam's objective is to simplify bid management and bid leveling for the requester, but also to make it easier for the bidders than working in an Excel.

After receiving an e-mail for the bid request, the link indicated allows to access it in order to read the project information, download the documents, ask questions and send the offer.

Submit an offer

In order to submit an offer, the request must be accepted or refused and the applicant must be informed of this and be able to complete or import his offer.

If the applicant has imported a BOQ on the tool, it is then available on the link to complete the offer :

  • Complete the prices

  • Indicate any comments on the various items

  • Propose options or variants (PS: you can only suggest options, variants or items, so they are not added in the total price of the offer you send).

  • It is also possible to apply a commercial discount, in % or in €, on the price request, by clicking on "+ Discount".

PS: As long as you have not sent your offer, you can modify it at any time. Note also that the applicant will only see it after you have clicked on "Send" at the very bottom of the page.

After awarding the prize, both the applicant and the awarder will receive a confirmation email (with a link to view the offer).

The link of the price request is still accessible as long as the applicant has not chosen the selected offer. The applicant can also request a revision of the offer, in which case it will be possible to send a new version of the offer.


Each version, message and request is centralized in the workflow to retrieve all elements.

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