• It includes the prices indicated in the "Job Items" of the "Bid management" menu of your project. This allows you to compare each of these prices against the prices of the received offers. 

  • You can also keep an overview of the total budget. The greyed lines are those deactivated in the "Job Items" menu and therefore not included in the total budget. The black lines are activated.

  • To adjust the budget prices or to activate/deactivate items, go to the "Job Items" of the "Bid manahement" menu.

Activate/deactivate job items

  • This allows you to vary the total price of each offer, without changing the budget. A deactivated item in the budget can be activated in the comparison and vice versa. 

  • To activate/deactivate an item, simply click on the circle containing P ( = item), O ( = option) or V ( = variant). A station is activated when the circle is colored and the writing is black. A station is deactivated when the circle and line are greyed out. 

Edit the company quantities

Bidders may not modify the quantities sent to them at the time of the request, but they may add what they propose as a "comment". On your side, you can rework the "company quantities" (Qbid) from the comparison, to vary all the offers in one modification without impacting the initial budget. When modifying Qbid of an item, all offers will be recalculated but the budget want change. As the budget is calculated on the basis of the initial BOQ, you can only be it in "Job Items".

Edit and download offer

  • You can complete or modify a company's offer from the comparison. Your changes are not shared with the bidder until you send them a "revision request". If the company has already sent you an offer and you modify it, you can always cancel your changes to go back to the original one (see below) or find all the versions and download them separately. 

  • To edit the prices of an offer, click on the"..." (in the "bid leveling" area) on the left of the company's name followed by "Edit". Warning: if the company didn't bid through the received link, it will no longer be able to do so as soon as you start editing its offer. If you want to give wrighting privileges back to the company, you can click on "Request a revision". 

  • When you are finished, click on "Save" to adapt the offer displayed in the comparison. If you click on "Cancel", you leave without saving your last changes. As soon as you edit an offer and save changes, the company status is displayed in "edited" to indicate that it is not the initial offer if received via Smartbeam or that it has been manually completed if received outside Smartbeam.
    To cancel the edition of the offer and return to the previous version, you can always click on the"..." on the left of the company's name in its column and then on "Cancel draft editing". This will permanently delete all your changes, without the possibility of returning to them later.

  • When you have finished editing an offer, you can either click on "Request a revision" to share the modified offer with the company concerned ("..." next to the company's name), or click on "Award bidder" to select it. As long as you do not perform either of these two actions, the status will remain as "Offer received (edited)".

  • Each time you modify an offer, Smartbeam saves each version which can be downloaded in Excel format if needed. These versions are accessible via the "..." located above the corresponding offer to download them.

Request a review of a received bid

Smartbeam allows you to ask bidding companies to review their offers, especially if items are added or modified and if a price is missing. This is the case if you have already received the offer, not just an update of the link in case of changes in the request. The company that received a revision request will then have the opportunity to edit their offer again and then send it back when they are finished.

To request a revision of the offer, based on the bid leveling:

  1. Click on the"..." located above the column of the bidder's company

  2. Then on "Request a revision"

  3. The company will receive an email, with a link to revise it

Be careful:

  • If you have edited the offer in the bid leveling tool, the bidder will receive the modified offer

  • In addition, if any item have been added or modified in the job items from what it initially had received, it will receive the updated version.

PS : To regain writing privileges over their offer, simply edit their offer again in the bid leveling tool, in which case a message of attention on this subject will appear to warn you that they will no longer be able to edit it on their side. Smartbeam works in this way: only one party can have control over the editing of an offer; either the bidder or the one requesting the price but not both at the same time.

Choose the winning bid

To select a company, 2 possibilities:

  1. Go in the bid leveling tool on the"..." located on the right of the concerned company & click on "Award bidder"

  2. From the company's page of the winning bidder, click on "Select offer" after having clicked on the green "Actions" button.

Automatically the status of the company will change to "Offer selected".

PS: Don't forget to inform the selected company (as well as the loosing ones) and generate a purchase order.

  • After receiving and analyzing the offers in the bid leveling tool, you can print it via the button located in the top right corner.

  • A printing window opens showing the companies displayed on your screen. If you have more than 3 companies in the comparison, just click on the arrows to display the others and restart a printout.

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