Manage items and titles

Items and titles can be created manually or imported (see article import a BOQ). After import, it is always possible to add new ones, edit existing ones or delete them via the actions located in the "..." on the right of the line. It is also possible to activate or deactivate items in order to include them in the total budget.

Each item can be completed with the following information:

  • The traditional ones: item number, description, market type and unit

  • Detail Quantities : you can add lines to detail and describe the quantity. If you do not want to detail the quantity, only complete the first line. These lines can of be deleted afterwards, if necessary. Please note that the total quantity of the item will be the sum of the detailed quantities, so please make sure that they are complete if they are included;

  • The description will be shared with the bidder as a detail of a job item, while the internal memo is a private remark, visible only within your account.

  • The unit price and the total price which makes it possible to manage the budget by item and the total budget of the file. In addition, all prices will be included in the budget column of your comparison in order to analyze them in relation to the prices of the offers received.

Associate items to a bid package

All job items/options/variants associated with bid packages are sent during price requests, whether they are activated or deactivated. How to associate them?

  1. In the "Job items" tab of the menu "Bid management" of the project, select one or more items to be associated with the bid packages via the selection boxes on the left. PS : It is possible to select several items at the same time: hold down the shift key while then pressing the first and last item to be selected.

  2. Automatically, you will see the buttons above the list activated as well as the number of items that are selected. By clicking on "Link to bid package", you will see the drop-down menu showing all the default bid packages in your account.

  3. Then search for the right one by writing in the search bar. PS: If the written bid package is not found, then click on "Add to bid list". This bid package will then be created for your project and it will be associated with the item(s).

It is possible to link the same item with several bid packages. To do this, repeat the operation or click on "Associate to all packages" if necessary.

If you need to modify or add a items after sending your price requests, simply create them and assign them to the corresponding package. They will then be automatically updated on the bid request links. To notify them of additions/modifications, simply send an individual or grouped message to all the companies concerned.

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