Preliminary remarks:

  1. Smartbeam allows you to upload a order with descriptions and details (see below the conditions of recognition)

  2. Two conditions that need to be met when uploading: (1) your file can't contain several tabs. In case of several tabs, you must separate them into several files and then import them (see below); (2) the first line of your file must contain the title of each column. If this is not the case, please delete all the lines that are before. Also note that each column must have a title. 

  3. You can import several files, they will be added one after the other.

Recognition of titles, positions, detailed quantities and descriptions:

  1. A line that contains only an article number AND a name will be considered as a TITLE.

  2. A line that contains a NAME AND a quantity AND/OR a price will be considered an ITEM (With or without item number. Be careful that even if you delete the total of an option for example, the calculation will be redone at import on the basis of the unit price and the quantity but you will then be able to deactivate them).

  3. A line that contains a description AND a quantity (but no item number) will be considered as a SUB-ITEM of an item and attached to the item that precedes it (Be careful that the total quantity of the item will be the sum of the quantities of the sub-items, so please make sure that they are complete if they are included);

  4. A line containing only a description (without item, quantity or price number) will be considered as a DESCRIPTION of an item and attached to the item preceding it.

The import in 5 steps:

  1. After checking the file according to the "preliminary remarks" above, go to the "Job items" tab of the project, click on "Import" and then on "Search" to select your measurement to import.

  2. In the next step, identify each column of your file with the corresponding Smartbeam field. Some Smartbeam fields may not be in your Excel file, just leave "no match" and these fields will appear empty after import. Note: A descriptive column should only be indicated if the description is in a separate column and therefore not below the job item. In the latter case, leave "not corresponding" and the description will be attached to the job item (see below). 

  3. Identify in the same way the units in relation to those of Smartbeam. If your file contains similar units written differently, identify them with the same field in Smartbeam.

  4. Finally, the same applies to contract types (if a contract type column has been indicated in step 2 above).

  5. Now click on import and the magic works!

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