Smartbeam simplifies the collaboration between all stakeholders involved in a construction project (contractors, owners, architects, ...) and enables real time follow-up of construction progress and budgets. No more long hours wasted comparing spreadsheets and exchanging emails.

Join a project

You can be invited to join a project that has been created by somebody outside your company.

To do so, it is mandatory to have a Smartbeam account for your company.

If your company already has a Smartbeam account, then you must request to be added on it by an existing user or you can request it via our form below and we will send this request to your administrator.

If your company doesn't have an account on Smartbeam yet, we can create a free account for you for an unlimited period of time. However, you will need to pay a subscription if you want to create internal projects on Smartbeam.

To create a Smartbeam account, fill out the form on this link.

As soon as your account has been created by our teams, you will receive an invitation email to join the project.

I lost the invitation email

You lost the invitation email or the link is no longer valid? Don't worry, just ask the project admin to send another invitation email from his account.

More info on how to use Smartbeam? See the following section.

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