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Smartbeam's RFQ module allows you to quickly send your RFQs to different companies for each lot, with documents attached automatically, to have an automated history of the follow-up, to manage the return trips and to relaunch them in one click until you get the offers.

How to make your first price requests in 4 steps:

  1. On the home page, click "+ Projects" to create the first one

  2. Access to the "Documents" of the "Bid management" menu of your project to upload the documents to be shared with the bidders. Once uploaded, select one or more documents to assign by clicking on "Link to bid package". Missing bid packages can be added. Each document assigned to a bid package will automatically be attached to all the price requests you will make.

  3. All bid packages used in the documents will appear in the "Bid packages" of the "Bid Management" menu. When accessing to each bid package, indicate the relevant information before going to the "Bidders" to add companies to be tendered for that bid package.

  4. To send your price requests, select the companies added to the bid package and click on "Invite"! Companies will receive a price request by email, with a private link to access to get informations, download documents, ask questions and submit their offer.

Now you can track in real time each bid requests (open, accepted, ...) by bid package and by company, while sending a reminder to those that are late, until the reception of the different offers.

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